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Keep up-to-date with the latest industry advancements in the broader photonics community. Below are articles focused on the engagement of IEEE Photonics members working in industry, as well as industry-relevant training and continuing education advice.

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Industry Engagement
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Life at a Photonics Startup
Developing Hire Power

by Daniel Renner
August 2022
The success of a high-tech startup will depend very strongly on the strength of its team. This is a self-evident truth. It is true for all companies, of any size, but it is particularly true for smaller organizations that are in the early stages of ...

Life at a Photonics Startup: Lessons Learned Working at Startups: A Close-up View

by Dr. Sarmishtha Satpathy, Openwater
February 2022
PDF Version Startups, particularly tech startups, have been having a golden time, with some stellar success stories. It is easy to feel like you just missed the next Facebook (Meta?), Uber, Tesla or Amazon, with regards to being an early stakeholder, envious of those lucky first ...

Life at a Photonics Startup: Lessons Learned
Manufacturing Integrated Photonics or – So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Part 2: Production Is Not Development

by Michael D. Evans, D.E.Sc.
June 2021
Part 2 of last month's Industry Engagement. The repetition of production processes is typically driven by economics and the confidence of the development cycle, not the next novel feature or cool science. Most development engineers seek to change the product or service and implement new capability or new designs. Production engineers seek to satisf...