Editor’s Column

December 2022

As we close out another year, I’ll keep things brief and just express my appreciation for the people in our Photonics Society. I’d like to thank all the dedicated staff, editors, authors, interviewers and interviewees, and other volunteers who have contributed to the Newsletter this …

October 2022

Happy October, everyone! In the Northeast US, the beautiful autumn weather has begun, which also means we’ve entered the season of many exciting conferences, including this year’s in-person IEEE Photonics Conference in Vancouver in mid-November!

This is the penultimate issue of the print version of the …

August 2022

Thanks for reading this August issue of the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter! We hope you enjoy what we’ve lined up for this month.

In this issue, you can keep up to date on the latest events within the Society and check out the advice and experiences …

June 2022

Welcome to another issue of IEEE Photonics Society News! We hope you enjoy this latest issue!
In this edition of the Newsletter, we’ve got a great lineup of articles focusing on the happenings and expertise across the Society. The International Day of Light was on June …

April 2022

Welcome to the April issue of the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter! I hope the first few months of your year have been off to a good start!

In this issue of the Newsletter, you’ll find all the latest news, highlights, interviews, and advice you’ve come to …

February 2022

Happy 2022! In the new year, there are many new happenings in the IEEE Photonics Society. First off, I’d like
to welcome our new Society president, René-Jean Essiambre! We’re excited to have René at the helm, and we
look forward to his leadership over the next two years. Please be sure to check out his first President’s Column
for his inaugural Newsletter message to the community. Speaking of Society presidents, we’re privileged to
have a special contribution from past-president, Robert Bartolini. Over 40 years ago, Dr. Bartolini started
the very first Newsletter for the IEEE Photonics Society (then known as the IEEE Quantum Electronics and Application
Society, or QEAS). Dr. Bartolini, in his piece, reflects on that time of the early QEAS, its evolution, and the bigger picture of the advances in technology and photonics. It gives a great sense of our heritage as both a professional society and a scientific field.

December 2021

Welcome to the final issue of the Newsletter for 2021! I’m writing this on the day after American Thanksgiving, and, in the spirit of reflecting on gratitude, I’m certainly thankful for this inspiring and supportive community. This was a year of many accomplishments in unprecedented times. To me, some of the most impressive feats were achieved by our chapters and conferences, which found new ways to engage the community. I have a feeling the incredibly challenging work done by these groups over the past year or two will have an impact for many many years to come.

October 2021

It’s hard to believe how fast this year is going by. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is now behind us and the crispness of autumn is rolling into my locale in the northeastern U.S. With it comes the dawn of a new academic year, lots …

August 2021

Welcome to August! The longest/shortest day of 2021 (depending on your geography) is behind us as we’ve entered the second half of the year. In my life, I’m seeing a little bit more “hybrid” activity – I’m still home a lot, but getting out to …

June 2021

It’s hard to believe we’re just about midway through 2021 already. A lot has happened in the past six months, and it looks as if a whole lot more is to come in the next six. I’m sad to say that there have been many …