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Kent Choquette New Wiley-IEEE Press Society Liaison for the Photonics Society

by Jess Fricchione, IPS Publications Portfolio Manager,
January 2023
Please consider publishing your next book to support IPS Beginning in 2023, the Photonics Society will be working with IEEE Press to engage with the wider photonics community in the publication of high-quality monographs, review volumes, and textbooks. The Photonics Society has appointed Kent Choquette, past ...

Ming-Jun Li Wins 2023 John Tyndall Award

by Photonics Society
December 2022
NEW JERSEY — IEEE Photonics Society, and Optica (formerly OSA), have named Ming-Jun Li, a Corporate Fellow at Corning Incorporated, USA, the 2023 John Tyndall Award recipient. Li is recognized for “seminal contributions to advances in optical fiber technology.” “Dr. Li’s work revolutionized the telecommunications landscape, ...

Autonomous Vehicles Driven by Photons

by P. Muñoz et al., "Scalable Switched Slab Coupler Based Optical Phased Array on Silicon Nitride," in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 28, no. 5: Lidars and Photonic Radars, pp. 1-16, Sept.-Oct. 2022, Art no. 8300416, doi: 10.1109/JSTQE.2022.3162577. JSTQE Vol 28, No 5 (2022)
December 2022
  Since the invention of the automobile back in the late 19th century, advances in what is incorporated into a car today have been tremendous. Broadly speaking, in the last twenty years the proliferation of several types of motors has captured our attention, departing from the ...

Get to Know Your IEEE Photonics Society Leadership: Monica Allen

by Naznin Akter
December 2022
What is Your Current Profession? How Does Your Work in Photonics Impact Innovation and Benefit Humanity? My current title is Principal Research Electronics Engineer. As we all know, Photonics is the science of light centered around generating, controlling, and detecting light waves and photons, which are ...

Photonics Worldwide—This Is My Lab

by Amol Delmade
December 2022
In this edition of the “Photonics Worldwide – This is my Lab” column, we would like to introduce you to Sarah Masaad and Devika Dass, who are pursuing their Ph.D. research in Belgium and Ireland, respectively. Sarah works on designing novel computational technologies beyond the ...

2022 IEEE Photonics Conference Recognitions

by Karen Mergner
December 2022
The 35th IEEE Photonics Conference was held November 13–17, 2022 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The conference has long been recognized for its technical preeminence in the field of optics and photonics, but is more than just a scientific conference; it is the annual meeting of ...

December 2022

by Dominic Siriani
December 2022
As we close out another year, I’ll keep things brief and just express my appreciation for the people in our Photonics Society. I’d like to thank all the dedicated staff, editors, authors, interviewers and interviewees, and other volunteers who have contributed to the Newsletter this ...

In Memoriam: Cheryl Scott

by IEEE Photonics Society
November 2022
Cheryl Scott, Senior Conference Administrator of the IEEE Photonics Society, passed away on  November 13, 2022. She was the daughter of Middlesex County Sheriff Mildred Scott and sister of County Commissioner Chanelle C. McCullumon. Surviving are her beloved parents, her loving children Aleysse and Richard,  ...

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