Happy October, everyone! In the Northeast US, the beautiful autumn weather has begun, which also means we’ve entered the season of many exciting conferences, including this year’s in-person IEEE Photonics Conference in Vancouver in mid-November!

This is the penultimate issue of the print version of the Newsletter, and starting in 2022 you will be able to get all your Society news online. In this edition, we hit all the highlights of our Photonics Society coverage. In this month’s Industry Engagement piece, Matthew Posner provides some advice for how young professionals can grow their skill sets. Additionally, Amol Delmade introduces you to young researchers Benjamin Crockett and Sameer Ahmad Mir in the latest of the “This Is My Lab” series.

In news across the Photonics Society and the larger IEEE, we introduce you to some of the new leaders and volunteers. We welcome Thomas Coughlin as the 2023 IEEE President-Elect. Also, we welcome a group of new Junior Editors for the IEEE Photonics Journal and Senior Editors for the IEEE Photonics Technology Letters.

Finally, from our members, we have some fun outreach activities that were recently held. Iluminando el Futuro continues their great work, and Karen Reyes recounts her experience of participating in one of their training sessions and then applying what she learned to an outreach activity she organized. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, Hui Jing Lee reports on the “Fun with Light” STEM workshop that gave young students the opportunity to have hands-on experience with what makes light so fascinating. I highly encourage you to read about the great things these young volunteers are doing!

As always, you can visit the photonicssocietynews.org website for all these articles and more! Thank you for reading, and connect with us via the website or by emailing ipsnewsletter@ieee.org. We’re excited to hear from you!