Thanks for reading this August issue of the IEEE Photonics Society Newsletter! We hope you enjoy what we’ve lined up for this month.

In this issue, you can keep up to date on the latest events within the Society and check out the advice and experiences of many of our members. In his continuing Industry Engagement series, Daniel Renner presents his take on hiring – from identifying candidates, to interviewing, to getting them started working. And if you’re looking for advice more geared towards someone on the other end of the hiring process, check out this month’s WaveJobs interview, Don’t Put Limits On Yourself, with Min Cen. If what you’re after is your next photonics reading material, the review of Bands and Photonics in III-V Semiconductor Quantum Structures might point you in the right direction.

To get to know what your fellow members in the Society are up to, there’s plenty more to read. In this month’s continuation of the Photonics Worldwide series, we meet young researchers from the US, China, and Ireland. And there have been many more events held by our members across the world, including STEM outreach in India, the SLIMS conference in Italy, and a workshop to celebrate the International Day of Light in Uganda. And to stay current on everything else, we’ve got the latest info on awards, conferences, and publications.

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