International Day of Light was celebrated at Abdullah Gul University with children. The event focused on Sustainable Development Goal 7, Clean and Affordable energy.

As part of the International Day of Light 2022 celebrations, the Abdullah Gul University (AGU, Turkey) IEEE Student Chapter staged their first event relating to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event involved activities with children focusing in particular to SDG 7, concerning clean and affordable energy.

The SDG 7 Atelier for Children with Basic Light Applications involved 18 secondary school students learning the theoretical background of basic terms such as absorption, reflection, and mirrors. They were given information about SDG 7, Clean and Affordable Energy, to raise their awareness about renewable energy and light sources as well as light pollution.

Children were organized in teams for the experimental activities. In one of them, the students grouped colorful candies beneath red, green, and blue light to test their absorption. They were astonished when they saw the outcomes of this color classification despite having been instructed about absorption; they even thoroughly responded about the expected colors emitted by different light sources and the visibility of objects prior to the experiment. This activity was useful to demonstrate that the experimental evidence fills the gaps of theoretical learning. Other experiments included the use of lenses to monitor light paths, painting and observing widened drawings by a reflective surface to see the influence of the angle on reflection, and watching holograms via a plastic apparatus.

At the end of the event, the students prepared reports reflecting on the activities, and it was common to find phrases like “thrilling,” “inspiring,” “individual solutions,” “encouraging,” and “surprising.” “We know that these kinds of outreach events are crucial to increase children’s interest in science, so the AGU Chapter will always stay in touch with new generations in its events. We also want to express our gratitude to all collaborators, contributors, volunteers, and guests who helped to make this first formal event of the newly formed chapter, so memorable for everybody,” concluded Chapter Advisor Sinan Genc, who is also a Young Global Changer for 2020 & 2021 from Global Solutions Initiative.

The Society’s Chair, Emirhan Taze, noted that this event will serve as a good example of their approach and vision among AGU students. The chapter will host a new event in the near future, and it will always be open to new members who want to make a difference in their own lives as well as in the lives of others.

The event was organized in cooperation with AGU Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Burak Asiliskender, Dr. Sinan Akyuz, Dr. Sumeyra Ayik, Res. Assist. Gulsum Polat, volunteers Melike Tuna, Vildan Yildirim and students from Hikmet Kozan Secondary School alongside their science and technology teacher Serap Avcu Bolat. 

As an introduction, a story of a child who wants to build a wind turbine for his neighborhood was shared to give the idea of individual solution possibilities. 
What could be more attractive than having a perfect unicorn on a reflective surface for a child at this age? They created unforgettable memories

After learning about absorption in class, the most important moments of this event was to experience it in entertaining ways.
Watching 3D images was inspiring and attractive to all children. Having the object moving in that apparatus was astonishing to them.

In this first official event, AGU Student Chapter hosted Hikmet Kozan Secondary School students to celebrate international Day of Light 2022.

Photo credits, AGU Press & Public Relations Office