April 6th, 2022 marked the second edition of the World Interferometry Day commemorating the seminal birth of the interferometer with special focus on Michelson interferometer. 

In the early days of April 1881, 141 years ago, Albert Abraham Michelson invented the interferometer, a device that would be successfully used in a famous experiment 6 years later, together with E.W. Morley, to convincingly disprove the existence of an ether through which light waves had been commonly assumed to propagate. Since then, the interferometer has truly triumphed in science and technology. Today, the applications of interferometers range from nano and precision technologies to the exploration of space and the mysteries of gravitational waves.

World Interferometry Day is welcomed events with an aim to strengthen scientific and economic cooperation, and to promote sustainable development worldwide. Also, provided an opportunity for diverse sectors of society worldwide to develop and combine activities to express the importance of science and technology towards the benefit of the society. It coincided with IDL 2022 objectives and welcomed events that jointly celebrated light-based technologies and its impact on society.

In fact, events have already been planned in this regard for the International Day of Light that includes a scientific symposium organized by TU Ilmenau. Together with SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH, TU Illmenau is also organizing Art, Music, Illumination, Light shows that aim to raise the visibility of this unique light-based technique, which has been able to open new perspectives of knowledge and continues to prove this today.

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