This year, IDL will also see an event from the Old Observatory in Leiden, The Netherlands – the oldest remaining university observatory in the world. Together with the Werkgroep Leidse Sterrewacht (WLS), one of its 4 astronomical societies, the Old observatory is organizing ‘Kiek! De nachthemel door een Leidse lens’ (SNAP! The night sky through a Leidener’s lens) exhibition from 15th March to 31st May 2022. The astrophotography exhibition will feature breathtaking images of our Moon, planets, stars, and nebulae captured by local astrophotographers and is taking place at the BPlusC Library at Stevenshof in Leiden.

The grand opening of the exhibition will take place on 30th March at the BPlusC Stevenshof library. The astrophotographers will be there to guide one through the exhibition and answer all the burning questions from the visitors. The astrophotography instrument setup will also be on display for all. The opening event also includes a free ‘Introduction to Astrophotography’ workshop in Dutch, hosted by one of the astrophotographers. You don’t need any fancy equipment or previous experience to participate in the workshop, just a smartphone! If you are around Leiden or in the Netherlands, sign up for the workshop, make sure to drop by and share the experience with your friends and family. More information can be found here.Contact Aoife Taylor, Exhibition Coordinator – Oude Sterrewacht Leiden, at: