In cultures across the world, light is a universal symbol of inclusion and hope, and the International Day of Light has always embraced and included activities that address the symbolic power of light to promote the mission of UNESCO in fostering understanding and peace. For the International Day of Light 2022, IDL Steering is therefore very honored to welcome as a collaborating partner the LIGHT Education Initiative.  

The mission of the LIGHT Education Initiative is education in middle and high schools on the themes of genocide, human rights, and holocaust education. These are all themes that are of central importance to achieve the aims of UNESCO and the United Nations, and indeed UNESCO itself always strongly supports all efforts in holocaust education and remembrance.  

Some specific goals of the LIGHT Education Initiative for IDL in 2022 are: a week of LIGHT Day Celebrations in schools across Southwestern Pennsylvania from 16-20 May; a LIGHT Day Student Summit at Montour High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday, May 20th with 10-15 participating school districts; a lecture by the Society for the Preservation of the Murals of Maxo Vanka on their use of light in illuminating and preserving the murals, while using the murals to teach about social justice, art, and the immigrant experience. 

A central mission of the LIGHT Education Initiative is to transform educational activities into lasting community action to counter antisemitism, hate speech, and all identity-based discrimination. 
Contact Nick Haberman, Director of the LIGHT Education Initiative, at: