IEEE Quantum Week — the IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE) — is bridging the gap between the science of quantum computing and the development of an industry surrounding it. As such, this event brings a perspective to the quantum industry different from academic or business conferences. IEEE Quantum Week is a multidisciplinary quantum computing and engineering venue that gives attendees the unique opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities with: quantum researchers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, students, practitioners, educators, programmers, and newcomers.

With your contributions and your participation, together we are building a premier meeting of quantum minds to help advance the fields of quantum computing and engineering. Quantum Week provides ample opportunities to network with your peers and explore partnerships with industry, government, and academia.

Quantum Week 2022 aims to allow attendees to share their experiences, challenges, research results, innovations, applications, pathways and enthusiasm on all aspects of quantum computing and engineering.

IEEE Quantum Week aims to showcase: quantum research, practice, applications, education, and training including programming systems, software engineering methods & tools, hybrid quantum-classical computing, architectures & algorithms, benchmarks & performance metrics, hardware engineering, architectures, & topologies as well as many applications including simulation of chemical, physical and biological systems, optimization techniques & solutions, and quantum machine learning.

Call for Contributions range from: workshops, tutorials, panels, posters, pitch programs and technical sessions.

Conference Tracks/Topics include:

  • Quantum Computing — Quantum advantage; quantum programming; quantum development kits (QDKs), quantum languages & circuits, compilers, transpilers & tools; software stack, libraries & infrastructure; hybrid quantum-classical architectures & computing; adiabatic quantum computation & quantum annealing; topological quantum computing
  • Quantum Algorithms & Information — Quantum information science; NISQ algorithms; quantum advantage with shallow circuits; algorithms & complexity; theoretical & empirical algorithm analysis; adiabatic & annealing algorithms; Hamiltonian dynamics; variational techniques; optimization techniques; quantum search
  • Quantum Software Engineering — Quantum software development; quantum systems engineering; quantum workflows for application stacks; hardware-software co-design; quantum simulators; quantum compilers, fault-tolerant computing & error correction, quantum accelerators; quantum assurance, testing, validation & verification; quantum software lifecycle
  • Quantum Communications & Cryptography — Communications theory; quantum networks; quantum internet; quantum communications technologies; quantum cryptography; quantum key distribution (QKD); post-quantum cryptography; quantum signal processing; quantum error correction & mitigation; quantum security & privacy
  • Quantum Sensing & Metrology — Quantum measures & benchmarks; quantum volume & fidelity; quantum entanglement & squeezing; gate & measurement errors; connectivity & topology; entanglement-based remote sensing; quantum error correction; standards
  • Quantum Photonics & Optics — Photonic quantum computing & simulation; photonic quantum computers; photonic technologies; quantum photonics devices; silicon photonics; optical quantum communications theory; optical coherence
  • Quantum Hardware Engineering — Quantum computers; qubit design & control; NISQ hardware; superconducting, trapped-ion, silicon qubits & technologies; quantum dots; connectivity & topology; microwave techniques; cryogenics & packaging; quantum error correction; checking quantum computers; standards
  • Quantum Applications — NISQ applications; application tools; simulations of chemical, biological & physical systems; quantum chemistry, materials; Hamiltonian dynamics; optimization problems—transportation, supply chain & logistics; AI & decision making; quantum machine learning; medicine & precision health; quantum genomics; quantum finance, services & portfolio management; manufacturing & mining
  • Quantum Education & Training — Quantum entrepreneurship, nurturing startups; quantum workforce & champion development; quantum capability building; quantum champions; K-12, undergraduate & graduate curricula & courses in quantum computing, information science, algorithms, hardware technologies, applications; quantum games; advancements in quantum standards; quantum teachers training; reports on quantum summer schools; quantum ecosystems