The IEEE Photonics Society Chapter Awards were established to honor the achievements and educational activities conducted by our Chapters around the world. The Society’s Chapters are made up of advocates and leaders representing our organization around the world, at the local level.

In turn, our Chapters provide our Society members with valuable, and often personalized opportunities, to network – promoting professional growth and continuing education within the photonics community.  This includes honoring: membership development and growth activities; strengthening technical achievements in local photonics communities; supporting local workshops and educational events; enhancing student, diversity, and Young Professional initiatives; and providing more opportunities for volunteer service and altruism.

Each year the IEEE Photonics Society honors selected chapters, in good standing, with the following chapter awards. Please join us in honoring the 2021 Chapter Award Winners for their service.

Chapter of the Year Award: SCV/SF/OEB Jt. Chapter (Silicon Valley, CA)

The Santa Clara Valley/SF/OEB Jt. Chapters within the Section received this honor for their consistent involvement and dedication to the Society’s strategic outreach goals, including centered leadership development, recruitment, and retention. This includes (but is not limited to): the chapter’s novel leadership succession and steering approaches; groundbreaking inaugural IEEE Women in Photonics Affinity Group; contributions to major conference planning (CLEO, etc.); regular mentorship and professional development programming in-person and virtually; and STEM Outreach initiatives (MakeHER workshops, community-led school/company visits, etc.)

Most Innovative Chapter Award: Kyambogo University (Uganda)

The Kyambogo University Student Chapter received this honor for their innovative approaches, such as: STEM outreach programs directed towards reaching young girls and women in rural areas; membership activities and competitions to foster community amongst students and mentors; COVID-19 response that served local health facilities; hands-on Teacher-in-Service programs; and regular “Photonics Week” campaigns that promote the benefits of membership.

Most Improved Chapter Award: Mangalam College of Engineering (India)

The Mangalam College of Engineering Student Chapter received this honor for programs, such as: student leadership trainings to support future thought leader growth; a Graduate Student-led weekly webinar series; a COVID-19, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee funded “Portable Mechanical Ventilator” project; hands-on workshops/competitions for undergraduate students, rising students in secondary schools, and IEEE Women in Photonics.

Senior Member Initiative Award: Guangdong Chapter (China) & Bangalore Chapter (India)

This award is determined by elevation percentages and novel approaches. The Guangdong Chapter and Bangalore Chapter will both receive this honor for their recruitment and Senior Member Elevation drives. Each chapter elevated the highest percentage of Senior Members on behalf of the Society within the calendar year, through: innovative member-to-member campaigns, industry visits, and technical event promotional strategies.

Largest Membership Increase Award: Bangladesh Section Chapter & Tokyo Section Chapter (Japan)

This award is determined by recruitment numbers, as well as member development approaches. The Bangladesh Section Chapter and Tokyo Section Chapter will both receive this honor. Each chapter recruited the highest percentage of members on behalf of the Society and their Section within the calendar year. Much of this was done through: active/regular community workshops with prospective members and effective engagement strategies, even over the course of the pandemic.