The Photonics Society Constitution and Bylaws committee has reviewed our current society bylaws and have recommended revisions to better define the restructuring of our volunteer leadership and bring our bylaws in line with current practices. 

The Board of Governors has approved the proposed changes to the Photonics Society Bylaws to maximize our volunteer and staff resources and to better align our governance structure with current operations.

Summary of Major revisions:

  • 9.3 Executive Coordinating Committee; Updated to Executive Committee (ExCom) with outline of Committee responsibilities.
  • 10 Vice President Technical Affairs; Updated to Vice President Professional & Technical Development with outline of responsibilities and updated language for newly defined position as approved by BoG; October 2020.
  • 14 Vice President Finance and Administration; position removed
  • 14.1 (Now 14) Awards Committee; updated language to better define committee formation and responsibilities

A number of minor amendments have also been made to update the Bylaws.

This new document has now been approved by both the Photonics Society BoG and TAB. It is a requirement of the Photonics Society Constitution that all amendments should also be reviewed by the Photonics Society members. The amended document can be viewed on the Photonics Society portal ( under the “Who We Are” tab.  

Please take time to look at the web site and understand the new Photonics Society Bylaws Please e-mail any comments to