Helpful Resources for Chapters & Volunteers to Encourage Applications

The ‘Nominate a Senior Member Initiative’ was designed to encourage IEEE Society Chapters and volunteer leaders to become actively involved in promoting IEEE Senior Member grade. This initiative aims to: encourage grade advancement within IEEE; simplify the application process; offer financial incentives for approved senior member applications; and offer increased member benefits. Chapters and mentors should encourage senior membership elevation for many reasons. IEEE Senior Members become more invested in volunteer activities at a leadership level and have an average retention rate of 98%. 

Also, many executive volunteer boards and committees require that a member hold a minimum of IEEE Senior Member grade. The more distinguished members your chapter holds may help give your chapter a bigger voice in the community. 

IEEE Senior Member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. IEEE members can self-nominate, or be nominated, for senior member grade. Prospective members who would like to apply directly for Senior Member grade should join the IEEE and then submit the ‘Senior Member Application Form’ as an IEEE member number is required on the senior member application. There is no additional fee to apply. 

To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must: be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields; have experience reflecting professional maturity; have been in professional practice for at least ten years; show significant performance over a period of at least five of their years in professional practice.

A checklist of Senior Member eligibility guidelines and application deadlines can be found here:

Chapters are also encouraged to hold local ‘IEEE Senior Member Elevation Events’. Events where local members can receive assistance from chapter chairs and volunteer leaders in applying. Here is a helpful ‘How-To’ guide for planning and holding such events, which includes a timeline, invite templates, checklists, and more:

Benefits of Senior Membership 

Senior Member Plaque: All newly elevated Senior Members have received an engraved Senior Member plaque to be proudly displayed for colleagues, clients, and employers to see. The plaque, an attractive fine wood with bronze engraving, is sent within six to eight weeks after elevation. 

US$25 Coupon: IEEE will recognize all newly elevated Senior Members with a coupon worth up to US$25. This coupon can be used to join one new IEEE society. The coupon expires on 31 December of the year in which it is received. 

Letter of Commendation: A letter of commendation will be sent to your employer on the achievement of senior member grade (upon the request of the newly elected Senior Member). Announcements: Announcement of elevation can be made in section/society and/or local newsletters, newspapers, and notices. 

Leadership Eligibility: Senior members are eligible to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions. Ability to Refer Other Candidates: Senior members can serve as a reference for other applicants for senior membership. 

Review Panel: Senior members are invited to be on the panel to review senior member applications. Complimentary Society Voucher: Voucher to join one new IEEE Society. 

US$25 Referral Coupon: Newly elevated Senior Members are encouraged to find the next innovators of tomorrow and invite them to join IEEE. Invite them to join and the new IEEE member will receive $25 off their first year of membership. 

Awards: Every year the IEEE Photonics Society awards one chapter that highly encourages member-grade advancements with their local community. The award aims to promote networking and education opportunities; encourage membership grade advancement within the society; simplify the application process for members; offer financial incentives and increased benefits for senior membership participants. The society honors the chapter with an honorarium of $200, which this presented annually at the IEEE Photonics Conference. 

IEEE Photonics Society Honors Recently Elevated Senior Members 

The following IEEE Photonics Society Members have been elevated to Senior Member or Life Senior Member over the last year:

Abdel Razik Ahmed, Mohamed – Egypt
Al-Khafaji, Hamza Mohammed Ridha – Iraq
Ahmad, Raja – USA
Andres, Miguel – Spain
Appaiah, Kumar – India
Ashdown, Jonathan – USA
Ashok, Ashwin – USA
Atakaramians, Shaghik – Australia 
Basu, Rikmantra – India
Bejjani, Micheline – UAE
Bhatia, Kamaljit – India
Bhatnagar, Anuj – India
Bhattacharyya, Somak – India
Carena, Andrea – Italy
Chanclou, Philippe – France
Chang, Guo-En – Taiwan
Chen, Baile – China
Chen, George – China
Cheng, Gary – USA
Cho, Seongjae – Korea
Choudhary, Amol – India 
Chuma, Euclides – Brazil
Collins, Steven – USA
Da Ros, Francesco – Denmark
Dahlem, Marcus – Belgium
Deotare, Parag – USA
Dhar, Nibir – USA
Diaz, Andres – USA
Diddams, Scott – USA
Dogru, Nuran – Turkey
Dong, Yuhan – China
Dris, Stefanos – France
El-Sabban, Salwa – Egypt
Emani, Naresh – India
Escarra Matthew – USA
Fortuna, Seth – USA
Friedman, Dan – Canada
Fu, Hongyan – China
Gerken , Martina – Germany
Going, Ryan – USA
Handelman, Amir – Israel
Holsinger, Kevin – USA
Huang, Jie – USA
Jain, Geetika – India

Jang, Jae-Hyung – Korea
Jiao, Yuqing – Netherlands
Kandpal, Kavindra – India
Kelly, Kevin – USA
Ketharaju, Rameshchandra – India
Kim, Chul Han – Korea
Kim, Sangsik – USA
Kurokawa, Satoru – Japan
Kyaw, Aung Ko Ko – China
Lam, Yeeloy – Singapore
Lee, Changhee – Korea
Li, Jianping – China
Li, Qian – China
Li, Ruoming – China
Lin, Chih-Lung – Taiwan
Ling, FuRi – China
Liu, Huanhuan – China
Liu, Zhao Jun – China
Luis, Ruben – Japan
Luo, Ai-Ping – China
Luo, Dan – China
Luo, Xianshu – Singapore
M, Venkatesha – India
Ma, Yingjie – China
Maddila, Ravi – India
Marsland, Robert – USA
Metcalf, Andrew – USA
Morozov, Oleg – Russia
Mou, Chengbo – China 
Mullett, Gary – USA
Munday, Jeremy – USA
Murawski, Michal – Poland
Nakarmi, Bikash – China
Nguyen, Bihn-Mihn – USA
Ouyang, Chunmei – China
Pei, Yiyang- Singapore
Peric, Dragana – Serbia
Pintas, Paolo – USA
Pissadakis, Stavros – Greece
Poon, Andrew – China
Putnam, William – USA
Qiao, Hong – USA
Rademacher, Georg – Japan
Rahmani, Moshen – UK
Ravet, Fabien – Switzerland 
Raza, Kamran – Pakistan

Renaudier, Jeremie – France
Ryckman, Judson – USA
S, Nandan – India
Sarkar, Somenath – India
Satish Malathi – India
Schrans, Thomas – USA
Shaik, Enaul haq- India
Shao, Guodong – China
Sharma, Sunny – India
Shi, Hanxing – USA
Shi, Yongqiang – USA
Shigematsu, Masayuki – Japan
Sima, Chaotan – China
Song, Youjian – China
Sonkar, Ramesh – India
Stanev, Dimiter – Australia
Sugie, Toshihiko – Japan
Sun, Yunxu – China
Szczerba, Krzysztof – USA
Taira, Yoichi – Japan
Tripathi, Shweta – Indi
Tsuritani, Takehiro – Japan
Ulahannan, Jijo – India
V, Yuvaraj – India
Vosatka, Jason – USA
Wang, Liang – China
Westbergh, Peter – Sweden
Wu, Yuh-Renn – Taiwan
Xu, Fei – China
Xu, Ke – China
Xu, Xuelin – USA
Yang, Qi – China
Yang, Tian – China
Yang, Yanfu – China
Young, Sheng-Joue – Taiwan
Yu, Xiaojun – China
Yuan, Wu – Hong Kong
Yue, Yang – China
Zhang, Fucai – China
Zhang, Han – China
Zhang, Ya-nan – China
Zhang, Zhaoyu – China
Zhao, Hongping – USA
Zheng, Yuebing – USA
Zhuge, Qunbi – China
Zubair, Ahmed – Bangladesh